Stowarzyszenie Pielęgniarek Częstochowa

Czestochowa, 1999. The group of nurses assumed Association to help children. This is a woman with a huge heart. For many years, his work in neonatal wards saw drama newborn babies abandoned by their parents. They could only watch. They decided to work.

That is how the first Polish branch of an intervention for children in emergency crisis situations, temporarily or permanently deprived of parental care. Initially, the facility there were a few kids, the total cost of the child was funded by the Association of nursing and care.

The escalation of the phenomenon of abandonment of newborns, especially all of the major health burden, had resulted in the further modernization and adaptation to the increased needs of the department created a Department nursing and caring for children, funded under contract with the National Health Fund.

emergency nature of the facility, which is to minimize the maximum of the child on the ward, caused the country unique in the type of medical facility. Through long-standing co-operation with local and national adoption centers, courts and organizations and institutions working in the area of child support have helped so many little ones find a home where they can experience the warmth of a family. The complexity of services provided in the facility allows for effective medical assistance, such as the elimination of deficits and social development on behalf of the Association. Cooperation with many institutions provides an opportunity to many children for adoption abroad in situations where there were adoption or surrogate family in Polish

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