20121005-IMG_6650Children who go to the center suffer from many diseases. Poor resistance of a small body and numerous health burden is often the result of maternal substance abuse during pregnancy. Before the baby will find loving parents and start a new life, often spending more time in hospitals than any grown man throughout his life. How do we provide health care to our little ones?

Benefits are carried free of charge under a contract with the National Health Fund. Principles guiding care and welfare benefits under stationary conditions:

Provision of nursing care in residential settings are designed for chronically ill children, not requiring hospital treatment in which there are significant deficits in self-care and self care that require permanent professional, intensive care, nursing care, rehabilitation and follow-up treatment.

The basic package of services under contract with the National Health Fund:

    • medical services – permanent care doctors: pediatrician, anesthetist and intensive care, neurology;
    • nursing services, nurses with a specialization in family nurse;
    • general rehabilitation in the primary field-because of the nature of the rehabilitation centers provide a wide range of NDT methods aimed at Bobath, Voight’y;
    • pharmacological treatment with dietary supply of aids and orthopedic equipment, as needed;
    • providing diagnostic tests ordered by a physician from a;
    • providing ambulance;


The facility is decorated in a standard housing for infants, consisting of three small rooms for children, isolation, peace of contact to meet with parents, rehabilitation room, the kitchenette, social room, office and sanitary.


In prepared rooms can accommodate up to 20 babies.



1080262_92773081 Medical care services performed medical personnel (health care: a pediatrician, a specialist anesthetist and intensive care specialist neurologist, a specialist ophthalmologist) nursing: nurses specializing family nurse long for children, health rehabilitation: physical therapist with specialized NDT methods Bobath, Vojta, a physiotherapist specializing NDT methods Bobath, Vojta, Baby sitter, psychologist, social worker, teacher, staff, assisted by volunteers and trainees.



The priorities that we are able to achieve with their services in connection with a medical facility for children are:

– transport children and full diagnosis of the child’s health specialist health centers:

      • ENT consultation
      • ENT consultation
      • ENT consultation
      • consultation preluksacyjne
      • consult an eye specialist
      • surgical consultation
      • genetic consultation
      • orthopedic consultation
      • Gastroenterologist consultation
      • nefrologicze consultation and much more

– Hour-medical nursing care, which includes care for the newborn, grooming, first aid expertise in emergency situations of health or life of a child (a division is equipped with the necessary life-saving medical equipment and allow time monitoring)


Stała opieka lekarska

a. constant care pediatrician;

b. constant care physician anesthesiologist and intensive care;

c. according to the needs of professionals such as doctors visits: surgeon, dermatologist, ophthalmologist …

– effective rehabilitation – through early diagnosis can adjust the appropriate forms of rehabilitation and quick leveling shortages development.

The centers accept babies and infants, or children between the ages of birth to complete 24 months of age.

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