Welcome dear visitor...

Welcome... dear visitor. Welcome to the little place where children "abandoned only once" are loved, cured and receive legal support. All this in order to give a chance to live in normal family to those, who normally such chance have no hope for.


Good rzeczt signature Welcome to the website of the Centre "Trust" in Czestochowa. Places with which infants abandoned by their parents will not be abandoned anymore. "Abandoned once."

People who visit the resort for the first time at the beginning very depressed. Over 20 baby always occupied by the newborn, unwanted children with serious health problems (mainly the habits of mothers during pregnancy). Deep down they know though it is a place of hope. The resort has existed for almost 12 years by a group of nurses. To this day, cured, odchowały and helped to find a loving home set over 600 children. Today the center is down, but ... called "Trust" and on the foundation of trust in the good hearts of the people still works.

Centre "Trust" is not a state institution. It's a curse and a blessing. Curse, because you do not support institutions as their own. Blessing, because people running the facility is actually a person of good will that effectively protect children's homes. Here, rather than vegetate in the corner of the wall , babies receive medical, legal, and quickly found a new family. I. .. help so many children, how you help them. Right now, more than 20 children in Czestochowa lies somewhere in your baby and waiting for help. What are you gonna do?





CALL for HELP: It was not supposed to be like that...

Good morning :)

please believe that for us to ask for help, and for us it is an awkward situation. Not after all meant to be.

But ... it seems that financial problems are included in our business. Now we see this very clearly. You do not want non-state funding of the Centre, who is doing what you should do with a particular commitment. We are and will be "on trial" because they are trying to change the reality.

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